Gambling and alcohol

Gambling and alcoholThere definitely is a link between alcohol and gambling. Researchers have discovered that just two drinks are enough to affect the judgment of most gamblers, resulting in larger bets. Also sometimes ex-alcoholics who have brought their drinking under control start gambling excessively.

The effects of alcohol on your winnings

It is a fact that even very small doses of alcohol can cause a serious handicap to any gambler.


- Alcohol may case longer eye fixation time, defective attention switching and the response time of both eye movement and accommodation can get longer.

- Alcohol affects your nervous systems, delaying information analyses and processing.

- Alcohol affects your judgment and self-control resulting in slower reaction times and lesser awareness of your performance.

These effects put people under the influence of alcohol at a disadvantage when it comes to making the kind of high speed decisions that are required in a real-life casino or an online casino.

Even a couple of glasses have effect on gambling behavior and probably the gambler is not aware of this.

If you are gambling to win, discipline and good money management are your keys to success. This requires a clear state of mind. There is nothing wrong with occasionally having a drink. It has even been proven to be good for your health to have a drink once in a while. But if you want to be a winning gambler, my advice is to not drink any alcohol at all while you are in a casino or in front of your computer. Instead wait until you are in a bar or in front of your television and have a drink to celebrate your gambling winnings earlier that day.

cards and whiskyTake it easy

As well as having an occasional drink, gambling online reduces stress. A study at the McGill University, in Montreal, showed that gaming online reduced the players’ stress hormone, cortisol, by 17% on average making the players feel less stressed after playing online casino games. Stress is known to be a reason for excessive eating and excessive drinking.

Another study, conducted in Oxford, says that gaming is also helpful for people dealing with post-traumatic stress.




Having a drink and placing a bet are both entertaining and beneficial for your health. Always remember to bet and drink responsibly: please don’t drink excessively and always keep a keen eye on your money management.

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